IUCN Red List endangered 1,033lb great hammerhead shark killed at the Texas City Jaycees Tackle Time Fishing Tournament yesterday. Rules or no rules, this is just plain WRONG. Legalised wildlife crime by any other name. These giant fish are incredible important for a healthy ecosystem as the produce as much babies as hundreds of small sharks together

It’s not even a month ago since we reported the shark finning practices during American sport fishing competitions. This weekend a huge 1000 lbs hammerhead was caught by a Texan ‘sport’ fisherman Tim McClellen. A female shark that is extremely rare and very important to our ecosystems. A shark that is present on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and is responsible for a new generation has now been murdered just to satisfy the ego of one brainless individual. These giants are incredibly important in order to restore the remaining shark stocks which are rapidly declining because of the senseless hunt for their fins.

Shark finning in the Sport fishing sector

Shark finning, which is prohibited in the USA, is a a very profitable business. As only 2% of the world’s original shark stocks are left, drastic measures have been taken by many countries to safe the last sharks tat are left in our oceans. Sport fishermen from South Jersey don’t care so much about the conservation. Instead of catch and release methods, which is used by sustainable sport fishermen all over the world, they still kill their sharks and fin them.

Sharkfinning in the usa
Sharkfinning in the USA after the tournaments

Petition to stop trophy fishing

A petition is running in the hope the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) will take their responsibility to end this madness and start conserving our marine giants for future generations. Sport fishermen all over the world were shocked to see this very sad news. Many Americans claim this is their tradition, but a lot of education about conserving marine systems for future generations is still needed among these people. We see the same happening in parts of Africa. This madness has to stop now.

Stop awarding weight-based world records for fish species threatened with extinction.

Sign the petition here


See: Trophy fishing for species threatened with extinction: A way forward building on a history of conservation http://bit.ly/1mA5N8t


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