New pipelines are dicoverd at the Golden Lead factory in Gunjur

New pipelines found at the Golden Lead Factory

After the Chinese Golden Lead Company was urged to pay a fine of 25.000 dollar at the Brikama Magistrate Court, everybody thought things would change in order to protect the environment of Gunjur. The Chinese owners promised they would invest in an installation to treat their waste water causing red algae which is killing everything in the nearby area.

These were just false promises as new pipelines dumping waste water are discovered today. The pipelines are dumping waste water straight into the Bolong Fenyo Wildlife Reserve. This waste water is creating red algae which is killing wildlife in the reserve. A huge environmental destruction.

New pipelines are dicoverd at the Golden Lead factory in Gunjur
New pipelines are discovered at the Golden Lead factory in Gunjur

No respect FOR The Gambia, our government and environment

This shows that the owners of the Golden Lead Factory have absolutely no respect for the Gambia and its government as orders to treat the factory’s waste water are completely neglected. Biomedical scientist mr Manjang explained earlier this week that the overflowing waste water which is packed with dioxines is now entering Gunjur’s water system.

This is causing major a major risk for the local community. Within a few years it is expected that different form of cancer will show up. Our beaches look like a mess again and are stinking like hell. No tourist wants to visit these beaches anymore. Our local businesses are suffering heavily. Potential investors have let us know they are not willing to invest in this area anymore. This implicates the great damage that already has been don to this area.

Potential 'healthy' investors are not willing to invest anymore because of environmental destruction
Potential ‘healthy’ investors are not willing to invest anymore because of environmental destruction. Source FB Stop Golden Lead Factory


No respect FROM our government

Like the Golden Lead Factory is showing absolutely no respect for the Gambian government and its law, our government seems to be showing no respect to the villagers of Gunjur also. In a heated community meeting at Gunjur beach, the recently elected majority leader of the National Assembly Kebba K Barrow was warned he would be voted out by the people for failing to represent them in their time of need:

In the interest of full disclosure, Lamin Jammeh, a UK based Gunjurian said :  “KKB claims he was not informed about this environmental issue, a letter was sent to him and all the relevant authorities and I have  a copy it to rebuff his claims. I have the copy of the letter hand delivered to KKB”.

Gunjur beach today
Gunjur beach still is a huge stinking mess (picture taken: 3-7-2017)

A witness who attended the meeting but declined to be named for fear of retribution, said: ” Badara Bajo, an environmental activist, has said on the stage that we can vote him out as Gunjur voted him in. The member of parliament Kebba K Barrow shouted how he has a huge following and support. He was really, really cross”. 

The Minister of Fisheries was pummeled with such  a multitude questions that he walked out of the meeting .

Golden Lead earlier denied culpability in the environmental damage despite a preponderance of evidence, only to later settle outside of court with the government in a secret deal. 

Stated in Freedom Newspaper


Urgent action is needed now!

The Government should be there to protect the health of their citizens. After all the environmental crimes this company has committed in the Gambia we need to draw a line. If our government is not there to protect us we need to protect ourselves. It’s a matter of survival for us. We demand urgent action of our government. We want to fight this cause in decent manner but that can only be possible if our government listens to us.



A petition is started to raise more international awareness for the environmental disaster in the Gambia. Please help to wake up our government. Our health and lifes are at risk. This petition can be signed here:

Sign the petition

Support on Facebook: Stop Golden Lead Factory

By Musa Manneh



  1. These people of The Gambia don’t deserve to suffer needlessly, something needs to be done to put an end to environmental damage before it’s too late !

  2. The Bolong is a natural reservoir so nothing at all should be pumped in it. Hereby I plea to the Gambian Government to show that they are the people we voted for. That they care our and their country and stop the Golden Lead Factory destroying our inviroment. I see Gambia future to be a rule model for Africa we can do it! But as we are a small country we also need to protect it.
    We have no place to run if a whole area is destroyed.

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