Even cats are found dead

The pollution of the Golden Lead Factory in Gunjur is beginning to claim more victims. After countless dead crabs, fish and even a cat have been found in the area this week, special birds like the Caspian Tern have now also become the victim of excessive pollution of the area.

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National environmental disaster taking place

The Caspian Tern It is the world’s largest tern with a length of 60 cm and a wingspan of 145 cm. This is a very special bird an the global population is only about 50,000 pairs but is declining rapidly. The Caspian Tern feeds on small fish they find along the coastline. The Gambia is lucky to have the Caspian Tern breading in areas around Gunjur and Tanji. Many birdwatchers worldwide come to visit the Gambia in the hope to spot a Caspian Tern. 

Dead Caspian Tern at Blong Fenyo Wildlife Reserve
Dead Caspian Tern found at Blong Fenyo Wildlife Reserve

The area around Kartong & Gunjur is amazingly important for our terns (movie made by a tourist)


This week we found the first symptoms of what we all feared for. Dead animals. The past few weeks we found many dead fish and crabs everywhere. While we were checking out the damage the factory made to Bolong Fenyo Wildlife Reserve we even have seen kids who were playing in the same toxic waters. Its incredibly sad. First it started with crabs and fish. These small fish are food for our Caspian Tern colonies and now they are found dead too. These are serious symptoms of a national environmental disaster which is taking place in the Gambia right now!

Even cats are found dead
Even this poor cat is one of the factories victims.


We don’t believe the government is taking us serious. The were here for investigations and even told us that this factory doesn’t even have a legal permit to operate. Still the factory is up and running and killing. The government should have closed the factory pending the investigation, but it seems absolutely nothing have been done. How can it be possible this factory is still operating? We feel angry and misunderstood, we won’t tolerate this anymore. We need to start protecting our heritage, our wildlife, our marine resources and ourselves against this evil factory. We feel completely unheard by the government.

Golden Lead Factory is dividing us

The Chinese owners of the factory are trying to buy our elders now by giving the bags of sugar. It is understood that The Golden Lead Factory uses occasions like this to buy loyalty and corrupt our leaders.

‘Please let our people be informed that integrity, honesty and being content with poverty is much more important under the eyes of Allah, all praise be to him than engaging in acts that will continuously impact our own community. The Golden Lead Factory are only looking for their economic interest and nothing else. We as a community need to take a firm stand against such practices by unscrupulous business investors.’ is what local people say.


We are not accepting this

The Government has to stop all the operations of this factory and start a proper and detailed investigation. Also to what happened with Fenyo Bolong Wildlife Reserve. It is unacceptable for us to let this situation continue and go out of hand. The government is there to protect it’s civilians. No it’s the animals and plants that are dying, are we next? The government is sadly not taking enough responsibility in this. The locals announced that if nothing will be done to close this factory they will sue the government.

Blog by: Musa Manneh


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